Tutorials For OpenOffice: Volunteer Support
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Volunteering is a great way for you to help yourself and us.  Volunteering gives you the opportunity to learn more about OpenOffice.  We will respond to your questions and concerns as they come up.

We are helping people around the world and depend on Volunteers.

How You Can Help

  • Do any of the tutorials on this website. Tell us anything that is not perfectly clear or correct.
  • Join the volunteer team that answers questions that are emailed to us.  Let us know your area of expertise so we can send an appropriate question to you.
  • Write a tutorial for this website.  It does not have to be in finished form as we can find other team members who will work with you to develop the tutorial.
  • Evaluate the website layout (design) and suggest improvements.
  • Tell us what you'd like to do.  We will adjust to whatever you want to do.
  • Send us an outline of something you would like to learn.  Our team of volunteers can write a tutorial specifically for you.

If you have any questions about volunteering, click here.

To get information on how to write a tutorial, click here.

To get information on how tutorials are used, click here.

To get information on the Volunteer Support Program, click here.

To volunteer, click here.


  • Writing a tutorial with our assistance gives you the opportunity to learn more about OpenOffice.
  • Writing a tutorial benefits non-profits around the world. Every day more non-profits are switching to OpenOffice to lower their operating cost. Writing a tutorial is making a donation to non-profits around the world.
  • A system has been developed to help you write a tutorial. Contact us if you want to talk about it.

Last Updated: 2008.04.25

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