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DRAW (drawing
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To View a tutorial on your screen, click on the blue underlined name of the tutorial.

To download a tutorial in the OpenOffice format, click on the blue underlined OO for the tutorial.  The tutorials can be "Saved to disk" or opened and worked with as a normal OpenOffice file.

All tutorials (seen on our website or downloaded to your computer) have active links.  The blue underlined printing are links.  Click on any link and you will jump to where that link leads.

When you first download a tutorial you may have to activate the links.  At the beginning of the tutorials, right-click anywhere in the Table of Contents then click Update Index/Table.

To do a tutorial, we suggest you download and print the tutorial so you can have it available as you do the step-by-step procedure in the tutorial.

Create a 1.5" x 2.5" label This tutorial explains how to create and print 20 labels on one sheet of paper OO

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