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Beginners and Advanced Users can benefit from our website.

Active Links Within Our Tutorials

In our tutorials, the Table Of Contents has active links.  Press and hold down the Ctrl key, then click on any underlined blue word(s) in the Table Of Contents and the cursor will move to that section of the tutorial. This applies when you are viewing a tutorial on the Internet or on your computer screen.

When you first download a tutorial, you may have to activate the links.  At the beginning of the tutorial, right-click anywhere in the Table Of Contents then click Update Index/Table.

The Table Of Contents active links are a good way to skim to see what is in a tutorial..

Doing Our Tutorials

We strongly recommend the following

  1. Download and Save the tutorial into your "My Documents" folder
  2. Print the tutorial.
  3. Read the tutorial first to get an idea of what is in the tutorial and then do the exercise.
  4. As you do the tutorial observe what happens on our screen.

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