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Word Completion

What is Word Completion?

Word Completion can save time. When you have typed the beginning letters of a word, the remaining letters may appear on your screen as a suggestion without you typing the last letters. If the last letters are correct, press Enter. The rest of the letters are accepted. If the last letters are not correct, keep typing as normal. The suggested letters are ignored.

How To Accept a Suggestion

  1. In a blank Writer document, type the following sentences: The Word Completion feature automatically finishes words. You may accept the suggestions or you may ignore them. (Your text appears on the screen.)

  2. Press the Enter key. (The cursor appears on the line below your text.)

  3. Type the letters, sug. (The word “suggestions” appears, with the end of the word highlighted.)

  4. Press the Enter key twice, then type the word magic. (The word ,“magic” appears without any highlighting.)

How To Reject a Suggestion

  1. Type the letters sug. The word “suggestions” appears with the end of the word highlighted.

  2. Type the letters ar. (The word “sugar” appears on the screen.)

To Change Word Completion Options

  1. Click Tools > AutoCorrect. (The “AutoCorrect”window appears.)

  2. Click the Word Completion tab (if it is not already there)

  3. Select the Word Completion option from the list below.

The AutoCorrect Dialog Box

Enable word completion This check box lets you click to turn the Word Completion feature on and off. A check mark indicates when the feature is enabled.

Append space When this option is enabled, a space will be automatically added after the completed word when you accept a Word Completion suggestion. A check mark indicates when the feature is enabled.

Show as tip When this option is enabled, Word Completions will appear as a tip above the word you type. A check mark indicates when the feature is enabled.

(You can press Enter on the keyboard to accept the suggested word or simply keep typing to ignore the suggestion.)

Collect words This check box lets you tell Writer whether or not to collect words for use by Word Completion. When you disable this option, writer will not collect any more words from your documents for use by the Word Completion feature. Word Completion will continue to automatically complete words already in the list.

When closing a document, save the list for later use in other documents When this option is enabled, Writer will save the list of Word Completion words for use in other documents. If you disable this option, when you close your document, all words in the Word Completion list will be deleted and unavailable in the next document you open.

Accept with This drop-down list lets you choose the key to use to accept Word Completion suggestions. Your choices are:

  • End: The End key on the keyboard.

  • Enter: The Enter key on the keyboard.

  • Space: The space bar on the keyboard.

  • Right: The right arrow key on the keyboard.

Min. word length This text box lets you enter the minimum number of letters a word must have to qualify for Word Completion. Writer will collect and automatically complete words containing at least the number of letters you chose.

Max. entries This text box lets you enter the maximum number of words Writer will save for use in Word Completion.

Delete Entry This button lets you remove words collected in the Word Completion list. You can click on a word in the list or click and drag to select multiple words for deletion.


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