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Print A Spreadsheet

Tutorial donated by Wayne Tschirhard


The purpose of this tutorial is to teach basic spreadsheet skills.

Page Preview Toolbar

The Page Preview Toolbar allows you to see what Calc is going to print.

  1. Bring up the Checking worksheet. (Use the at the bottom left of your spreadsheet.)

  2. Click File > Page Preview. (The Page Preview toolbar appears.)

  1. If you look on the left end of the Page Preview Toolbar (the third toolbar), you will see four book icons with arrows. These let you view each page that would go to the printer.

  • The Previous Page icon is first book icon.

  • The Next Page icon is the second book icon.

  • The First Page icon is the third book icon.

  • The Last Page icon is the fourth book icon.

  1. Click on the other icons on the Page Preview Toolbar to see their functions.

  2. Click Close Preview.

Headers And Footers

When printed, all pages will have a Header and a Footer on them. The header shows the name of the sheet. The footer shows the page number. All the pages have them. Here's how you can turn them off or edit them:

  1. Click Page Format on the toolbar. (The "Page Style: Default" window appears.

  2. Click the Header tab.

You can turn them off by unchecking the Header check box. You can also format the margins and spacing.

To edit the header, click Edit... (The "Header (Page Style: Default)" window appears.)

Headers and Footers are broken into three sections. You can use one of the auto-format buttons below the three boxes or type your own header.

  1. Click Cancel. (The "Header (Page Style: Default)" window closes.)

  2. Uncheck the Header box. Look through the other tabs.

  3. Click OK. (The "Page Style: Default" window closes.)

The same procedures apply to the footer, so I won't elaborate on that. The Sheet tab gives you the capability to control the way Calc determines the page order and what features to print or scale. The remaining tabs are self-explanatory.

Note: Removing the header and footer will change the chart size, so you may have to resize it.

Print Ranges

What if you don't want to print the whole worksheet? I'm glad you asked! Calc gives you the ability to define print ranges.

  1. Bring up the Checking worksheet.

  2. Select A1:G25. (Click "A1". Drag copy to "G1".)

  3. Click Format > Print Ranges > Define.

  4. Open the Page Preview again.

Now you only have one page. Unfortunately, there is not an equivalent for charts. The only way you can print a chart only is:

  1. Click File > Print...

  2. Click the Pages radio button on the bottom left.

  3. Type in the page number of the worksheet the chart is on.


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