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OLDER OpenOffice 1.0 TEXT DOCUMENTS (.sxw)

Open An 1.0 Document

Either Double-click on the file or Click on the file > Right-click > Open. The file will open in the 1.0 format; however, all the features of 2.0 can be used when working with the file. This happens even if 2.0 is the only version of OpenOffice on your computer.

Work With And Save As A 1.0 Document

In the file, make the entries of your choice.

  1. Click File > Save As. In the Save as type: box, select “ 1.0 Text Document” > Save.

  2. If you have not added formatting or content that cannot be saved in the 1.0 format, the file will be saved.

  3. If you have added formatting or content that cannot be saved in the 1.0 format, you will get a message with a Yes or No choice. If you click Yes, the file will be saved in 1.0 and some of the formatting or content will not be saved correctly. If you click No, the file can be saved in 2.0. The original 1.0 file will still be on your computer; however none of the changes made in step 1 above will be in that file.

Convert An 1.0 Document To An OpenOffice 2.0 Document

  1. Click File > Save As.

  2. In the Save in: box, click My Documents (if it is not already selected.)

  3. The name of the document will be in the File name: menu box and the words, Text Document (.sxw), will be in the Save as type: menu box.

  4. In the File name: menu box, you may type a new name for the document or use the same name. The same name may be used for both 1.0 and the 2.0 file. The file extensions (.sxw or .odt) and the icons associated with the files will indicate which file is an 1.0 (.sxw) file and which file is an OpenOffice 2.0 (.odt) file.

  5. Click on the on the right side of the Save as type: menu box. The pull-down menu appears. Scroll until the words, OpenDocument Text (.odt), appear at the top of the list. Click on OpenDocument Text (.odt). (To scroll, move the pointer of the mouse on the selections on the pull-down menu.)

  6. You can make changes to the document or you can save the document without any changes.

  7. Click on the Save button. The document is saved as an OpenOffice 2.0 (.odt) file. The 1.0 file is still available.

  8. Click File > Close. If you have made any changes, you will see a message

  1. Click Save.


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