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Form Letter

A Form Letter can be used to sent the same letters to multiple recipients. Each recipient who receives a form letter will have their name and address printed on their letter.

This tutorial creates a Form Letter and saves it for latter use.

To do this tutorial you must have an Address Book. To get an Address Book, do one of the following

  1. Do Lesson 2 Address Book located in this Chapter (Chapter 6)

  2. Download the Address Book itself from our website. (Go to the WRITER (word processing) Tutorials page. In Address Book, Labels, Envelopes, Form Letters – Chapter 6, at Lesson 2 Address Book, click on the underlined blue here to download and save the address book.

  3. Use your own address book and adjust the tutorial as you go along to fit your circumstances.

Select A Data Source

Do one of the above three so that an Address Book is available

Open A New Text File

  1. IF on the desktop, click > All Programs > 2.3 > Writer.

  2. IF you are in Writer or Calc, click File > New > Text Document.

  3. In either case, the text document appears on our screen.

Display A Data Source

  1. Click View > Data sources. (The data source panel appears just above the ruler)

  1. Click on the + that is in front of the word Addresses.

  2. Click on the + that is in front of the word Tables.

  3. Click on the + that is in front of the word Sheets1 (The Data source panel that opens will have the names and addresses listed)

Create A Form Letter

  1. Type To: then press Enter.

  2. In the data source panel, click on First Name and drag it down to below To:

  3. Click on Last Name and drag it down to after <First Name> then press Enter.

  4. Click on Street and drag it to below <First Name> then press Enter.

  5. Drag City, State, and Zip Code down to the letter.

  6. Press Enter then type Please be advised that.

Save A Form Letter

  1. Save the Form Letter in the My Documents folder.

  2. Name the file My Form Letter (or name the file as you wish).


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