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Lesson Plans For OpenOffice tutorials

Teachers, both professional and volunteers, have taught OpenOffice around the world thousands of times, yet there are very few tutorials or lesson plans available for teachers. Teachers keep reinventing-the-wheel by writing their own tutorials (lesson plans) from scratch.  We can save each other time.  This website is gathering and writing tutorials for teachers.  Send us your tutorials (lesson plans).

Tutorials that you donate to this non-profit website are making a contribution to schools around the world.  OpenOffice and Linux are rapidly growing, particularly, in areas where resources are scarce.

Teacher-Student Setting

  1. In the teacher-student setting, the teacher may read the tutorial as written.  There will be step-by-step instructions and explanatory information about the steps.

  2. The student will do the steps and observe the results on the computer screen.

  3. The student may look at the computer screen as explanatory information is read.

  4. “Teacher aides” circulating in the room are helpful.

  5. The teacher may use visual aids and make copies of the tutorial for distribution.

Self-Teaching Setting

In the self-teaching setting, there is no teacher. You as an individual may:

  1. Read the step-by-step tutorial

  2. Do each step

  3. Observe the results of each step on the computer screen

  4. Read the explanatory information for each step.

Download a tutorial from the website or obtain a printed copy of a tutorial in some other way.

If no printed copy of a tutorial is available and there is no printer available, go to our website and select the tutorial you want to appear on your screen. Then open a new text file. At the bottom of the screen, in the tray, the name of the tutorial and the name of the new text file can be seen. Click on the name of the tutorial to read the tutorial. (If you use tabbed browsing, click on the browser entry and then click the tab for the tutorial.) Click on the name of the text file to do the steps in the tutorial. You can click back and forth to see either the tutorial or the text file.

Beginner users will use the entire tutorial. Advanced users may skim the tutorial and skip some parts.

To ask questions, please E-Mail this website. (See below)

Last Updated: 2008-11-01

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